15 Fire Safety Tips Every Adult Needs to Know

  1. Do a fire drill with your children regularly.
  2. Make sure your family knows two ways out of your home.
  3. Identify two ways out of every room when making your fire escape plan.
  4. Meet with your landlord or building manager to learn about the fire safety features in your apartment building.
  5. Your apartment building should hold a fire drill with residents once a year.
  6. Know your apartment building’s evacuation plan, in case of a fire.
  7. Identify each exit in your apartment building before an emergency like a fire.
  8. Memorize the number in case you have to find the exit in the dark.
  9. Talk to your family about what they should do in a fire.
  10. Put smoke, carbon monoxide, and natural gas alarms on every level of your home and close to bedrooms.
  11. Be sure your smoke, carbon monoxide, and natural gas alarms work by testing them monthly.
  12. Get a smoke, carbon monoxide, and natural gas alarm with flashing lights or vibrating signals if you’re deaf or hard of hearing.
  13. Keep electrical cords tangle free to help prevent possible fires.
  14. Remove electrical cords from under a carpet or rug. It is a fire hazard!
  15. Do not overload power strips. This can cause a fire.